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Key Objects and Sites: Mammoth Ivory: 11 5/8” inch statue from Hohlenstein-Stadel The Venus of Willendorf The Venus of Laussel Bison Reliefs from Le Tuc d’Audoubert Bison Licking its flank, reindeer…

A Greek city, now in ruins undergoing continual excavation, dating to the Late Bronze Age. According to Homer, the kingdom was ruled by Agamemnon. In Greek myth, the city was founded by Perseus and Danae. The city sits on a hill.

Figure seated in a chair with a harp resting on the right knee. His head is tilted upward; left arm is raised as if playing the harp, and right arm rests on base of harp as if steadying the instrument.

Two female figures squatting or kneeling in full skirts, their arms are draped over each other's shoulders. The right figure's head is missing, and the left figure's right hand is partially missing. A small child, dressed, leans across the two…
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